Security is one area in which no company can afford to compromise. In a world of increasing safety and security needs, you need to have contingency plans in place to ensure the survival of your computer systems, critical data, as well as your most important asset – your employees.


There are times when no matter what you do, the law and order situation in your area of operations deteriorates to the point where you’ve got to get yourself and your people out. At the same time, you have to insure that someone is left behind to watch the operation and insure, if at all possible, that the company assets are protected.


Hopefully you’ve planned for it and your security organization has its plan in hand. People are moved quickly to the airport via a secure, pre-planned route.

There they are met by a pre-arranged aircraft where they are quickly boarded while their passports and travel documents are cleared through immigration. At the same time, a supervised rear guard moves into the vacated houses and company offices to protect them against pillaging by looters. The plane takes off heading to your pre-selected save-haven to wait out the storm. Upon landing, your security professionals help insure that the movement through customs and immigration is again smooth and well coordinated. The situation is then well in hand and the home office is advised that the planning has greatly limited the company’s liability.


Our clients are companies who frequently need to secure their operations and people in highly unstable environments where there may be diminished law and order, armed groups explicitly targeting their installation, and even civil war. In more developed countries risks may be of a different order but still problematic.


To achieve this, we deploy only seasoned professionals, many of whom have served with distinction in military, law enforcement and specialist services. Individuals are recruited based on their intimate knowledge of the security risks in the part of the world where your organization needs to operate.


Prosectra has been responsible for, or involved in, preparing evacuation plans in all of the world’s most hostile environments. As a team, our breadth of experience is unrivalled.

Long ago we realized that it takes more than simply identifying a threat to provide security. You must understand the real or perceived cause that created the threat. Only then can you mitigate the threat and protect yourself.


Prosectra’s professionals can not only identify the risks faced by you or your company, we can also provide you with an effective, pro-active action plan to provide you with a strategy for handling current and future risks. Our security plan will directly address the threats you face by providing for flexible implementation through situational analysis.


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