A Security risk assessment measures the strength of the overall security program, and provides the information necessary to make planned improvements based on security risks. The security risk assessment is the tool of senior management that gives them an effectiveness measurement of their security controls and an indication of how well their assets are protected. A security risk assessment is an important element in the overall security risk management process. Security risk management involves the process of ensuring that the security risk posture of your organization is within acceptable level of risk as defined by your senior management.


Understanding the most appropriate security measures for your office building and workplace is often a complex process. In order to make the very best decision an organization will need to carefully balance the various security risks and available measures, against cost.


A risk management strategy provides a structured approach to identifying, assessing and managing risk.

Prosectra helps organisations to identify, understand, assess and manage their security risks. Our systematic yet flexible approach develops a comprehensive security plan, covering physical and procedural defences and to help improve their corporate resilience through a dedicated security risk assessment, enhancing both security and business continuity programmes.


Prosectra’s security consultants can help you think through all aspects of your security requirements, enabling you to gain more control of your security environment and to optimize the available security budget. Some benefits are:


  •  Reduce operational maintenance cost
  •  Increased consciousness of security
  •  Mitigate security risks before project completion
  •  Advanced knowledge of residual risks
  •  Assign responsibility for mitigating security risks

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