Today’s school administrators are under enormous pressure to boost academic performance, maintain safe and orderly schools and address many societal issues crossing their schoolhouse doors each day. Time is the only thing scarcer than money in many school districts. Educators need practical, cost-effective school safety strategies from credible sources without a lot of theory and fluff.


Prosectra can help you plan and manage your safety and security. Each school and support facility should assess the potential threats and prioritize their risk reduction measures. This means the priorities at one school may differ from those of another school within the same district. Too often, schools put a one-time emphasis on assessing security and creating a crisis plan.

Relying on checklists or templates used district wide rather than requiring a site-by-site assessment and emergency plan. Reassessments and updating of emergency plans must be conducted at least annually. School safety planning must be an ongoing process, not a one-time eventSome types of individuals, situations, times and places encountered by school officials are, by their nature, higher risk than others in terms of safety threats. It is logical to believe that, because we know what types of situations pose a higher risk, we should be able to take more risk reduction measures to counter them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.


Prosectra can help you develop your risk assessment and put together practical security and crisis management plans.


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