Prosectra provides several security auditing services to determine your company’s exposure to security breaches. Our Red Cell / External Security Audit includes a wide range of tests that can be performed to detect existing vulnerabilities.


To properly test your security systems, it is absolutely necessary to conduct independent 3rd party testing based on security standards and formal testing methodologies. Regular testing of your security system can help insure its proper operation at the time of an emergency.


An External Security Audit will test your security system and management for vulnerability to a wide range of exploits. Typical completion time for an External Security Audit on small companies is 5 days. At the end of this process, you’ll receive a detailed report showing how we accomplished a given breach of security and identifying the security weaknesses that allowed it.


Recommendations will be provided to correct the security flaws discovered.

Testing of Security Systems, either physical or procedural, can be done by penetration. The method is an intrusive live test of the effectiveness of security defenses through mimicking the actions of real-life adversaries. Any testing will be thoroughly documented and have a clear set of rules of engagement including what is considered a compromise of security. The results should be used to validate the organization’s Risk Management Plan.


Our agents will, acting in an undercover capacity, attempt to gain unauthorized access to secure facilities in such a manner that weapons, explosives, chemical/biological agents, listening devices or other hazardous material could have been brought into these facilities.


They will further attempt to obtain security-related information by someone who does not have the clearance and need to know. Test of security can include attempts to acquire or duplicate access badges, keys or security documents as well testing the strength of physical barriers.

Other elements include:


  • Surveillance – Our agents will be recording or monitoring activities, taking notes, using cameras, maps, binoculars, etc. near your company.
  • Elicitation – Attempt to gain information in person, by phone or mail regarding your company or employees.
  • Test of security – Attempt to penetrate or test physical security or procedures.
  • Acquiring supplies – Attempt to obtain, uniforms, badges, passes or other controlled items.
  • Suspicious persons out of place – Portray someone who doesn’t appear to belong where he is including in the workplace and neighborhood.
  • Dry runs – Conduct dry runs as for terrorist or criminal activity such as mapping, pacing routes, practicing scenarios alone or with others, casing establishments and timing traffic flow.

We recognize that no single product will suit every business so each External Security Audit is designed to reflect the individual needs of the customer.

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