Would you fly on a plane knowing that the maintenance crew and pilots were “sort of” trained, didn’t use checklists and were allowed to do things whatever way they wanted? Probably not. Yet in many organizations, this is exactly the type of thing that happens every day, with results that range from inefficiency and lost profit, to injury and death.


Prosectra has worked with several organizations that either totally lack Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or completely ignore existing ones because they’re outdated and hence we are increasingly asked to assist organisations in developing their set of SOPs.

SOPs are formal written guidelines or instructions for incident response. SOPs typically have both operational and technical components and enables the organisation to act in a coordinated fashion across disciplines in the event of an emergency.


More importantly, SOPs are what smart organizations use to create consistency in how processes and tasks are performed. They consist of clearly documented, step-by-step procedures and checklists that are easy for employees to follow and greatly reduce the chances of mistakes.

Here are some reasons why you probably need them:


1.They facilitate communication. Well written SOPs clearly communicate responsibilities to employees. They don’t have to rely on their memories or all the things they learned in their training when first hired.

2.They provide consistency and quality control. SOPs ensure that no matter what day it is or who is working, the tasks that keep your organization running effectively will be done the way you want them done. They provide security because each employee knows what’s expected of him or her, rather than guessing what needs to be done daily.

3.They support accountability. When SOPs are clearly documented, employees can help and coach each other when learning new processes, rather than relying on a manager to do so.

4.They help create a safer work environment. Clearly written SOPs, along with proper training, reduce the odds of accidents or injury because tasks are written. They may also reduce legal liability should an incident occur.

5.They provide staff with the motivation to do things RIGHT. Well written SOPs not only clearly outline the HOW of procedures, but also the WHY. When you communicate sound reasons why employees should perform tasks in a certain way, they’re more likely to do so.


We know that SOPs may not be fun to write and they’re time-consuming to create at first. We also know that the time spent writing them is time well spent when you consider the cost of not having them versus the benefits when you do. That is why Prosectra’s experts are offering to develop your security SOPs for you.


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