Explosions can be the result of accidents involving explosives or malicious attack. Prosectra supports the design of facilities using blast engineering analysis techniques to protect both people and property.


Prosectra’s advanced technical knowledge and hands-on field experience allow us to provide unparalleled services when it comes to assessing premises and their capacity to withstand blasts.


With our blast engineering tools and techniques we can understand the risks and increase the resilience of structures and organisations.

Prosectra’s view is that the goal of blast resistant design is NOT to bomb proof a building, nor is it to survive any and all blast events. We simply feel it is to:


  •  Reduce injuries
  •  Reduce damage
  •  Mitigate conditions that could potentially cause injuries
  •  Provide for life safety egress
  •  In some cases, continuity of operations
  •  To provide built-in resilience and perhaps decrease amount of time to get back up and running

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