Prosectra offers professional Home Security Audits and Vulnerability Risk Assessments on residential properties including private apartments, single family homes and residential estates.

Street crime today has become a major source of fear among the members of the public because victims face a sudden threat to life, a loss of control and an invasion of personal space.

Prosectra is dedicated to giving customers the very best security awareness and self-protection courses available by examining their threat environment and personal needs. We provide specific training on the strategies required before, during and after a violent attack.

The Prosectra Defensive Tactics program was designed to give the Law Enforcement/Security Officer an excellent foundation and working knowledge of techniques that will help them prevail in an altercation standing and on the ground.

Prosectra (Professional Security Training) provides specialized personal security awareness courses online to civilian and law enforcement personnel within the public, private and humanitarian sectors internationally. If you’re looking to invest in keeping your employees safe while they travel to and from work, give them skills to successfully deal with aggressive/violent behavior and to create a more positive working environment we can design and engineer a specific course for you (our clients include UNHCR Global Learning Center in Budapest, Hungary, UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and the United Nations Office at Nairobi in Kenya, Africa).

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The role of Prosectras’ Defensive Tactics in Law Enforcement/Security is to assist the officer in performance of arrest and restraint, to increase the margin of safety to both the officer and the subject, and reduce liability to the professional from excessive force allegations. This is achieved by teaching officers techniques that utilize leverage and control (not punching and kicking) and are designed to be extremely effective without causing any major injuries to the subject.

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PROSECTRA understands that your organization is unique, and your Surviving Active Shooter Training (SAS-T) should therefore be designed for you specifically. Our training is created to be effectively taught in a short amount of time no matter what experience you have.

Our walk-through / talk-through exercise, takes participants through their building where we discuss different scenarios. ”If you heard gunfire now, where could you run to?”, “How can you best barricade this room?”, “What is your plan to fight if a shooter enters the room” etc. This then becomes considered learning in a safe environment.


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