TisaMayo International Consultancy is a Swedish company that provides international consultancy services in the fields of security risk management, security training & eLearning, crisis and emergency management, hostage & crisis negotiations, investigations and interim-management. The TisaMayo baseline is to listen to their clients. They respond fast and deliver quickly. TisaMayo brings you the world’s best practices, and supports you in the time of your need, when you face obstacles or adversity, to assure the integrity and continuity of your business. TisaMayo are confident because of their quality and their flexible approach. TisaMayo services extend to Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and North America.

In 2020, Prosectra and TisaMayo entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to collaborate on the development of world class training programmes. This saw the development and launch in 2021 of the Kidnap for Ransom Incident Management Programme ( a 3 month programme which is accredited to international standards at Level 6: Certified Kidnap Incident Manager (CKIM). More accredited courses are planned for 2022 such as the Certified Critical Incident Management Programme and the Certified Cyber Security Incident Responder Programme.