Prosectra is a security service provider with a difference. No company can be an expert on everything, everywhere. Therefore, Prosectra has developed a vast global network to ensure that the services provided are the most cost effective, professional and specific to the location of concern.


In a way, our expertise is to identify and manage the optimal local solution for your company through high-quality and innovative security solutions.

Tensions throughout the world are creating new security challenges for government officials, business executives and travellers. Prosectra’s extensive security network enable us to offer a complete range of specialized protective services practiced in some of the world’s most dangerous locations, such as complete executive protection packages, including facilitation of airport clearance, motor vehicles, escorted motorcades and route assessments.

We also provide intelligence briefs, “meet and greet” services and professional escorts for the executive who has to travel in areas of uncertain security.

In our opinion Executive Protection is about mutual trust, total commitment, absolute confidentiality and the professional ability and expertise to carry out the task or assignment without compromise to the wellbeing of our Clients and their Business Affairs.

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Security may have become more sophisticated and a little more complex but, in general, the old-time concepts of anticipation, planning, and preparation constitute the centre around which a good security program is built. There are no magic shortcuts, just good sound principles and hard work.

We always recommend to deploy a Counter Surveillance Team in combination with a Close Protection Team to provide discrete protection without interfering with clients’ professional or private lives. Discretion, professionalism and sound judgement are the hallmarks of each Executive Protection agent.

Prior to your visit we can, on your behalf, reconnoitre and arrange suitable accommodation (private residential or hotels), transport, logistics, itinerary schedules, A-B route planning etc, as well as meeting places and suitable conference venues (availability and suitability).

We also identify and prepare for standby medical facilities (physicians and paramedics), standby legal advisors, low profile background activities (visits to places of interest etc….), third party liaison (travel organisers, limousine suppliers etc….), and of course local risk assessments and threat evaluation.

By using our confidential services to arrange all or some of the above you maintain a tight circle of confidentiality and privacy eliminating information leaks, possible press or competitor knowledge.


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