Each year thousands of people become victim’s to kidnappings in some form, often in places you would never think it would happen. In fact, in many areas it is not only a fast growing problem but also vastly underreported, leaving organisations ill-informed or unaware of abduction risks.


Prosectra’s training enables clients to provide a timely and effective response to a corporate kidnap or piracy incident. Proper crisis management planning and training helps protect lives and delivers a more effective, coherent response in the event of an incident.


This unique participatory course will use some of the world’s leading experts in managing hostage and kidnapping events. The course is specifically designed to provide the skills to act effectively and will provide a high level of practical skills and theoretical knowledge which are needed to act confidently, objectively and effectively when protecting the physical integrity of staff or company assets, if threatened by a kidnap or commercial extortion-related incident.


This course is tailor made to the client’s needs. Our trainers have all worked extensively within crisis response and have hands-on experience managing kidnap and piracy incidents worldwide.


We can deliver organization specific training in-person and completely on-line.


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